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SkyWars Updates - January 19th, 2022

  • Fix to rewarding players with points/money if an attacked player leaves mid-game such as while falling in void.
  • Fixed pages on /points menu being mixed up.
  • Nerfed Enderpearls and Grappling Hooks to be slightly more expensive.
  • Added two small areas for Duels and Quests NPCs at spawn. (Thank you Novembree)
  • Updated new logo on Webstore.
  • Updated info while hovering over a username in chat.
SkyWars Updates - January 15th, 2022

  • New points and leveling system! :eek:

    You can now earn points for winning games, killing players, and various other interactions such as crafting a sword or eating cake.

    These points contribute to your overall score and towards your own personal level.
    You currently start off on level 0 and level 100 will be the maximum level.

    For now levels don't do much other than tell you how cool of a player you are. But in the future, and in our next big update (this will take some time), you will be able to earn cosmetics, and custom features along the way to level 100.

    Points are also tracked at the start of every month displaying the most active and best players. Every month we will be giving real rewards and prizes to the top players with the most points!

    The prizes and the amount of winners will change, some months we may do only 3 players and some we may do up to 10 players. You can view the top players of the month by opening the first page of the /points menu. By clicking the sign on the right side, you can also view the top players of all time.

    From January 15th to the end of the month, the top 10 players will receive a $20 Amazon GiftCard!

    Access via /points

    We hope you enjoy this new update! We have more exciting features planned soon!
SkyWars Updates - November 24th, 2021

  • You can now receive a one time reward by liking us on NameMC.
    1. Use command /namemc
    2. Go to our server by visiting the site or via this link:
    3. Sign up and claim your profile using your IGN if you haven't before.
    4. After giving us a like, re-login to the servers, and the rewards will be available to claim.

    The rewards are: 100x Skybucks

    You are able to claim rewards on Skyblock Survival and Skyblock Economy too from following this link too:

    Unlike voting sites, the likes on NameMC will always be there and will not reset. So this can can help us grow even more in the future.

    Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!
SkyWars Updates - November 12th, 2021

  • SkyWars - Quests no longer have to be selected to begin and will now automatically be active. Therefore you can complete the tasks of quests without having to open the menu and starting them.
  • SkyWars - Added a scoreboard at spawn displaying the top players of the day.
  • SkyWars - Added back the Friends (/friends) plugin.
SkyWars Updates - November 8th, 2021

  • SkyWars - More Maps! Underwater, Scifi, and Tropical.
  • SkyWars - Chests will now auto re-fill after 3 mins.
  • SkyWars - New Auto Duel feature. You can now join a duel arena to be matched with a random player by clicking the enderpearl within /duels. The menu has been re-organized too.
  • SkyWars - Map name and Game type is shown on scoreboard when game starts.
  • SkyWars - Added hearts under player usernames within arenas.
  • SkyWars - Users now get removed from the scoreboard when dying rather than turning red.
SkyWars Updates - November 5th, 2021

  • SkyWars - Maps now have names!
  • SkyWars - The current map in the waiting arena is now shown on the scoreboard.
  • SkyWars - Added two new maps. Graveyard and Hades.
SkyWars Updates - September 14th, 2021

  • SkyWars - Added improvements to the portal. Removed night vision at spawn.
  • SkyWars - Improved the Black Hole item. Bridge will form as you walk while it is in use.
Here's some recent forums updates:
  • Added Map Submissions: Post your map ideas here
  • Added Guides Section: Post your guides for skywars here
  • Added Mod FAQ: If you're applying for mod and have questions that may have already been answered, look here!
  • Added a staff report section
  • Added user banners that display your tags:
If you have any suggestions for further additions, submit them under the forums suggestions tab and we'll look into it :glee:
SkyWars Updates - July 1st, 2021

  • SkyWars - Added 2 more vote links for a total of 3 now per day that you can vote. You now receive 10 Skybucks per vote for a total of 30. ( & are new) view all via /vote in-game.
  • SkyWars - Added the Magenta cage for Pro ranks in /cages. This color will be exclusive to Pro ranks. The feature is still in development but should work if Pro users would like to test. All other cages will soon be purchasable for affordable amounts of in-game money for all players.
  • SkyWars - Added some extra language messages or improvements. It will now say what place you rank in when you die such as "You have died! You came in 3rd place."
SkyWars Updates - June 30th, 2021

  • SkyWars - Potential block placing fix for clients above 1.8.9.

    Before if you were on a client above 1.8.9, it was very possible that you would encounter block placing issues. Such as building a bridge and an extra block being placed or being delayed which would result in falling. Or the same issue building upwards.

    I think we were able to narrow this down and make a patch to the spigot jar. Hopefully this is a major fix as it was hard to play on clients above 1.8.9.

    For anyone that knows what this bug was, please test it out and let us know!