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    Aug 26, 2020
    This server has rules in place to enforce good behaviour to ensure that we create a safe and fun game play for all users. If you believe that a player is breaking our rules then please make sure that you submit a report here so that your report can be handled by one of our staff members. If you have any questions or problems, you must ask a member of staff for clarification as it is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of our rules. Should you find yourself to have broken one of our server rules, you may submit an appeal request to be unbanned in this section here. Thank you.

    Using a hacked client on SkyWars is not permitted at any time or anywhere on the SkyWars server. You must ensure that all game-play is equal and there are no unfair advantages. Punishments will be decided by staff and if it looks like you are using any hacks or modifications you will be banned.

    1st offense: 31 days
    2nd offense: Perm ban with the ability to appeal
    3rd offense: Perm ban with no appeal

    You must not inform any other users of another Minecraft server that is not affiliated with Noobcrew. This includes mentioning server names and server IP addresses. Advertising can also include discord server links, however you may give out Twitch and YouTube account links. Handing out malicious links will also fall under this rule, including pornographic material and IP grabbers.

    IP Address or Inappropriate/Malicious links:
    1st offense: 31 days
    2nd offense: Perm ban with the ability to appeal
    3rd offense: Perm ban with no appeal

    Without an IP address such as saying "Let's play Hypixel" can result in a warn for first offense. If it continues, a mute may occur.

    Discord Links (excluding MV, SB, and MT):
    1st Offense: 7 days
    2nd Offense: 14 days
    3nd Offense: 31 days

    Inappropriate usernames/skins
    Any accounts that hold an inappropriate username or Minecraft skin will be temporarily removed from the server until that has been changed to a more server appropriate username/skin. Inappropriateness includes but is not limited to bad language, inappropriate visuals, disrespectful language, sensitive topics and server advertisement.

    Usernames: 31 days

    Skins: 1st Offense: 7 days
    2nd Offense: 14 days
    3nd Offense: 31 days

    *Note* If the user has changed their name or skin in an appeal, you are free to unban.

    Builds: 1st Offense: 5 days
    2nd Offense: 7 days
    3nd Offense: 14 days

    Disrespect and harassment
    All players on this server must respect and treat each other the same. Any form of discrimination, disrespect and harassment is not tolerated here and any comments made targeting a user or with the intent to make a user uncomfortable will lead to punishment. Disrespectful comments can include discrimination to race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, beliefs and more. Any wishes or threats towards death to any user will be handled seriously.

    1st Offense: Warning
    2nd Offense: Kick
    3nd Offense: 1 hour mute
    4th Offense: 7 day mute

    Scamming is strictly prohibited, this is through paying users for perks/ranks.

    If someone is being scammed of IRL money (ex: if a person buys someone pro rank and they don't give the $$ in-game): 31d ban
    If someone is being scammed of in-game money (If a person gives someone $ in-game and they don't get them the pro rank): 14d ban

    Threats/releasing private information
    At all times you must not threaten or intimidate players on the server, do not threaten to Blackmail, DDoS, DoX or hack player accounts or the server. This will result in immediate removal from all SkyWars platforms. At no point must you reveal any personal and private information of any SkyWars player, including addresses, phone numbers, social media handles, IP addresses and names.

    14 day ban -> 21 day ban -> 31 day ban

    Whilst chatting on our server you must take into consideration our chat rules, some of them include spamming, arguing with other players, swearing and filter bypassing. This also includes any other rules that have been mentioned in this thread, such as being disrespectful or advertising.

    Spamming: warning -> kick -> 15-30 minute mute
    Bypassing Filter: warning -> kick -> 15-30 minute mute
    Inappropriate Comments: warning -> kick -> 15-30 minute mute
    Trolling: warning -> kick -> 15-30 minute mute

    Mentioning Other Servers: warning -> kick -> 15-30 minute mute

    Racism: 1 day mute

    Blackmail: verbal warning -> 14-31 day ban
    *Note* These ban lengths are subject to change depending on severity of threat, as well as if action was taken on these threats.

    Forging evidence
    At no point should a player forge a piece of evidence to try and get another player of the server unfairly punished. Any evidence that has been submitted to staff should contain a full screenshot of the whole game-play screen, or if it's a hacking offence you must screen record the rule broken. All evidence submitted must be valid within a 2 week time period.

    Minor Offense: warning
    Major Offense: 3-14 day ban

    Staff impersonation
    Players must not act in a way that other players will associate them as a staff member from the server.

    1st Offense: 1 day mute

    Illegal trading
    In line with Minecraft's EULA, you must not sell or give away your Minecraft account. You cannot trade items on SkyWars for any items, perks or real life money on any other game or platform.

    1st offense: 7d ban
    2nd offense: 14d ban
    3rd offense: 31d ban

    Punishment evasion
    Evading your punishment is the act of using an alternate account to continue standard game-play whilst you have an account currently under a punishment. If you are caught doing this act server times it may lead to an increase in your original punishment length.

    Ban for same time as other accounts.

    As time goes on this threat will be updated to better suit the SkyWars environment, and we will do our best to inform users when changes are made. Thank you for sticking to our rules and for keeping the game enjoyable for everyone.
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