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Competition Skywars Competition!

The SkyWars Staff Team has decided to host a competition for the Christmas season.

Your task will be to create a Christmas themed Discord banner and/or Discord icon for the SkyWars discord. The winning icon and banner will be set as the SkyWars Discord banner/icon for the entire month of December!


-Stick to the theme
-Be appropriate
-Do not copy others
-You may submit a max of one entry per task (1 icon and 1 banner)
Failure to follow these rules may result in your submission being deleted


You can enter this competition by using the template below:

Discord Name and Tag (e.g Name#0000):
Picture of Submission(s):


In addition to having your banner and/or Discord icon added to the SkyWars Discord for the entire month of December, the winner of each will also receive their choice of a 25$ coupon for the SkyWars store, or 6 months of Forums Premium with the color of your choice.
(If you submit both and win both you will receive two prizes, if you submit both and only win one you will only receive one prize)

The image must be square and should be at least 512/512.
Taken from the discord support website.
1. Upload an...
Hi, new update after some time!
  • Added new contact details, including in-game name, twitch and youtube!
  • Created new trophy
    • Bleep bloop awards 10 trophy points if you have your discord tag set up with your forums account. Please allow some time for this trophy to come through.
  • Fixed moderation tools in the appeals section.
  • Changed premium banner text to white after feedback from players.
  • Hidden "about us" page on main forums node, but the link still works and includes the information.
  • Forums announces in-game now too!
Please feel free to suggest anything you would like for the forums in this section (click link below)!
Make sure to tag the suggestion with the forums prefix too.

Have a great weekend! :)
SkyWars Updates - November 3rd, 2020.

  • SkyWars - Updated server to support Minecraft 1.16.4 clients.
SkyWars Updates - October 27th, 2020.

  • SkyWars - Fixed issues with some commands not working such as /msg.
  • SkyWars - Fixed issues with shop/stats NPC's not opening.
  • SkyWars - Modified broadcast messages.
  • SkyWars - Anti Cheat updates.
SkyWars Updates - October 7th, 2020.

  • SkyWars - Improved the /help list. (let me know if anything is missing)
  • SkyWars - Added /links, /discord, /rules, /report.
  • SkyWars - Updated discord/website links in-game and on client menu.
SkyWars Updates - September 27th, 2020.

  • SkyWars - Added 5 min cooldown on 'sw start' command for Pros.
  • SkyWars - Disabled player collision.
  • SkyWars - Added some commands to whitelist when a game starts.
Hi all another mini update. Unfortunately there was not a lot changed over the past 48 hour period because I have just started a new job and I am settling in, please bear with me although there will be some wonderful new updates coming in the future.
  • Fixed a bug where staff commands were not working, suggestions now get the prefix added, the thread moves and locks too. Previously nothing happened except the post being sent through.
  • NEW gold premium rank!
  • Changed premium pink to a slightly darker colour.
  • Premium section officially opened.
  • Please see below for the premium colour titles.
  • Player information changes can be requested in this thread, please do not reply to the thread unless you are making a request. Your request will be deleted once completed. Custom titles, DOB changes, name changes and others can be done through this thread.
  • Forums games section added.
I hope everyone is enjoying all the new forums additions and once more apologies for the lack of updates lately! This is a general reminder to all users that post farming is strictly not allowed on the forums. I understand that players are excited with the release of the forums and some may want to reach the requirements for applications or reach the top of the leader board, however some posts seen by myself and staff on the forums have been irrelevant and look like they have been merely posted for the sake of gaining a post number....
Hello everyone! Welcome to the Changelog section! There will be new updates announced here as well as any changes or modifications made. I hope you're all enjoying the forums so far.
  • Kind reminder that we do have rules in place for the forums, whilst I am happy for all of you to explore it is important that you remain aware of them, there have already been instances where players have received punishments due to post farming. You can view the rules here.
  • We have some brand new ratings! Please make sure you use them appropriately.
    • The creative rating has had an overhaul in its image, it's now a much nicer quality.
    • The dumb rating and the bad spelling rating has been disabled, these ratings will not be necessary.
    • New icon for the friendly rating.
    • New support, neutral and no support ratings.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs with the forums sections, previously players who were not signed up could view reports, bugs and appeals however that has now been patched.
  • The forums will not be receiving a change in terms of theme/background for the time being, this is until there is a proper theme established where it will then be changed.
  • The cooldown for posts has now been removed, thank you for putting up with it for those who were following our posting rules. It's 30 seconds now!
  • Lastly, there's been a thread prefix update! A fun game, I won't tell you all where they can be found, go explore and find them! Here's the finished products:

Welcome to the new SkyWars Forums!

Here, you can connect with those specifically in love with SkyWars. We decided to make this site to simplify reports, appeals, help requests, and staff applications. Feel free to discuss about SkyWars or post about random things in the off topic section.

We also have a new Discord also only for SkyWars. Join with us here:

This is a very lightweight and simple site in terms of design for now, artwork and an improved style coming soon!

Special thanks to Athyrix for helping create this site.
And to Sando & Agent for creating our new Discord!