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Congratulations to the top 10 /points winners for the month of June!

The top 10 players have won a $10.00 USD gift card that can be redeemed for OR !

1. itsjustbenjie - 222,145 points
2. MiluPVP - 198,400 points
3. kvnn7 - 55,445 points
4. slikassassin123 - 53,455 points
5. Leofelixcraft - 50,595 points
6. BeensMC - 26,830 points
7. Novembree - 26,215 points
8. SkyGuyGamerz - 25,455 points
9. AlmightyPush666 - 17,875 points
10. _deg - 16,990 points

If you have won: Please create a forums conversation with myself, Novembree, specify which server you'd like your gift card to be for (SkyWars or SkyBlock) and your gift card code will be delivered to you! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on forums or discord.

Thank you for supporting SkyWars!

SkyWars Updates - June 8th, 2022

  • Added a Lottery plugin.
    Purchase a lottery ticket for $5 in-game cash, with a max of 2 tickets per user.
  • New AntiCheat plugin.
    Potentially a lot better than before, with less false flags on normal movements.
  • Updated server to allow Minecraft 1.19 clients.
SkyWars Updates - June 3rd, 2022

  • New Game Menu! Open up the new Compass in your inventory or type /games to view a menu of all of the on-going SkyWars games. Here you can view info and quickly join games.
  • With this addition, you can now also Spectate in-progress games! When a game is started, the icon in the menu will change to blue. This is where you can join in an invisible flight mode and watch players play!
If you have any suggestions to make SkyWars even better, let us know!
SkyWars Social Media

The SkyWars staff team is pleased to announce that we now have social media!
Be sure to read below to learn how you can claim rewards for following us!

Username: skywars_com


Username: skywars_com


Name: SkyWars

Get $50 FREE Skybucks for every platform you follow us on! Follow the simple instructions below to claim your rewards! (Only valid on Twitter & Instagram)

1. Follow us on Instagram and/or Twitter
2. Send us a dm on Instagram with your in-game name
3. Tweet us your in-game name
4. Allow up to 3 days for your rewards to be distributed!

Please note you can only collect rewards once. You must be following us as we will be checking before any distribution of Skybucks is made.
In the event that no Skybucks are received within the period mentioned above
, please contact @Novembree thank you!

SkyWars Updates - March 15th, 2022

  • Added two new maps! Autumn and Construction. Both built by Novembree.
Here are the top 5 players for the month of February!

The top 5 players will each receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card or PayPal!

  1. Leofelixcraft - 531,700 points
  2. Mountein - 502,660 points
  3. VVool - 304,175 points
  4. PlayerHD - 241,240 points
  5. MiluPvP - 192,865 points

If you have won - please create a forums account if you haven't already and private message me to receive.
Just let me know your in-game name, the country you live in (for the correct Gift Card), and an email to send the code to. If you would prefer PayPal instead, just let me know your PayPal only.

For March, the top 10 players will each receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card or PayPal!
SkyWars Updates - March 2nd, 2022

  • Added a new menu for voting. View it by using /vote.
  • New voting "Milestone" rewards, receiving some extra Skybucks once you reach a specific amount of votes per month.
  • Added /dueltoggle.
SkyWars Updates - March 1st, 2022

  • Added 'Player Tracker' to /shop for 2 Skybucks. This compass points in the direction of the nearest player.
  • Fixed bug that allowed gold pressure plates to be crafted into land mines.
  • Fixed bug that left colored cages behind when a player that had one activated left the game.
  • The Switch will no longer trigger on staff visible or vanished.
SkyWars Updates - February 27th, 2022

  • New "Rainbow" cage. A cage decorated of random stained glass panes. Now the highest priced caged in /cages at 2000 Skybucks.
  • Re-decorated cages menu. Re-added light gray cage.
  • Fixed exploit with enchanting items giving too many points. Receiving points from enchanting items now maxed to 3 actions per game.
  • New "Battlefield" map! A nicely decorated map with quick combat. No bridging is required to get to the large main island, just simple parkour. Made by Waterfall48 and Kingzonas!
  • Maps now have more diversification. If a map gets selected, it can not be selected again for the next 3 arenas. This reduces the chance of the same map being chosen consistently.
  • 5 New Duel maps! (Thanks to Novembree)
SkyWars Updates - February 23rd, 2022

  • New Spawn!
  • Increased daily parkour reward to 20 Skybucks.
  • Various performance improvements.
Let us know what you think of the new spawn!