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SkyWars Updates - June 30th, 2021

  • SkyWars - Potential block placing fix for clients above 1.8.9.

    Before if you were on a client above 1.8.9, it was very possible that you would encounter block placing issues. Such as building a bridge and an extra block being placed or being delayed which would result in falling. Or the same issue building upwards.

    I think we were able to narrow this down and make a patch to the spigot jar. Hopefully this is a major fix as it was hard to play on clients above 1.8.9.

    For anyone that knows what this bug was, please test it out and let us know!
SkyWars Updates - June 23rd, 2021

  • SkyWars - Added /quests.
    - You can now earn between 30-60 skybucks per day by completing quests.
    - The quests are shown at random and will reset with a new batch of 6 quests at midnight.
    - Currently we have about 20 in the loop, let us know what other quests we should add if you have any ideas.
    - Also shows stats that display how many total quests you completed, total amount of money earned, and the available quests you have for the day.
  • SkyWars - Fixed issue with rain showing for some clients in the arena world.
SkyWars Updates - June 6th, 2021

  • SkyWars - Added pets to Pro ranks.
    Type of pets: Ocelot, Wolf, Pig, Chicken, Rabbit, Squid, Bat

    /pet select - Select a pet.
    /pet name - Name your pet.
    /pet call - Call your pet to your side.
    /pet hide - Hide your pet.
    /pet show - Show your pet.
    /pet remove - Remove your pet.
SkyWars Updates - June 1st, 2021

  • SkyWars - Added /1v1s, also known as Duels.
  • SkyWars - Also added /stake, where you can stake Skybucks in a duel.
  • SkyWars - Added daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboard stats.
  • SkyWars - /sw start for Pro ranks have been nerfed to have a minimum of 4 players in a game first.
  • SkyWars - The Switch within the /shop has increased in price from 7 Skybucks to 20.
  • SkyWars - Glass is now blast proof from TnT and the custom items within /shop.
  • SkyWars - Fixed Night Vision going away after joining a game and returning to the lobby area.
  • SkyWars - Fixed issue of joining a game in the midst of a player already winning.

    Few things to keep in mind on latest changes:
    - 1v1 stats does not count towards the main stats, and instead 1v1s have their own stats and leaderboards.
    - You cannot win money per kill or per win in a duel as well to counteract boosting.
    - Max amount for staking is $50 per game.
Last important mention:

- We will not be adding the Pro kit to the Pro rank at this time. We may add it in the future if we can give some sort of cosmetic effect with it, but currently we need to be Eula Compliant, and unlike Skyblock, where there is no competitive advantage from receiving items, it is a competitive advantage to receiving items on SkyWars. We will be adding more features to ranks over time however and we do have a few things planned.
SkyWars Updates - May 21st, 2021

  • SkyWars - Added /daily (receive 5 free Skybucks per day)
  • SkyWars - Added /help menu.
    SkyWars - Added two new NPCs at spawn.
  • SkyWars - Added broadcast messages for when a player completes the parkour at spawn.
  • SkyWars - Added a 25 Skybuck bonus for completing parkour 7 days in a row. View with /parkoursign streak
  • SkyWars - Removed the previous max balance cap.
Competition Parkour Competition!
Hello SkyWars community!

This month, we are hosting a Parkour competition! The objective is to complete the Parkour course in the lobby in the shortest amount of time possible. Whoever completes it the fastest wins.

  1. You must record your submission and upload it to YouTube or a similar platform and post the link to the video below to be entered. Each competitor is limited to ONE submission.​
  2. You must begin recording before you start the Parkour, and end it after you click the sign at the end of the course.​
  3. If possible, please include an on screen timer in your recording. The time starts once you jump onto the first block.​
  4. Any manipulation of the video such as modifying the speed, cropping, etc. is not permitted and will result in disqualification from the competition.​
  5. The use of any modifications/clients that give you an advantage against other players is not allowed and will result in disqualification from the competition as well as a ban from the server.​
The winner of the competition will get a choice between 1 year of Forums Premium OR the Pro rank in-game.

The competition ends June 16th.

Good luck!​
SkyWars Updates - May 12th, 2021

  • SkyWars - Added /ping (Allows you to check your connection)
  • SkyWars - Added /coinflip (50/50 bet with another player, only 1-20 skybucks)
  • SkyWars - Added Combat Tag. (To counter those that use /sw leave in combat)
  • SkyWars - Blacklisted /g and /global talk for those that are muted.
  • SkyWars - Nerfed TnT cannons price from 6 to 12 Skybucks.
  • SkyWars - Added lapis to /shop.
  • New font! We hope you like it as it will be here to stay! :)
  • Added Profile Banners to Skywars! You can upload a custom banner for your profile within a certain size requirement. You can unlock this perk once you have achieved 50 messages on the forums.
  • Added a requirement of posts to use post ratings. You must now have posted 10 messages anywhere on the forums that include the post count.
  • Introducing support tickets! If you have a payment related issue, or a problem that needs admin attention please submit a ticket here!
  • You can now hide your posts by using the buttons above the textbox when replying to a thread!
  • Created streamer rank
  • We have hit 200 members!
Thanks everyone, we are currently going through suggestions on the forums. :)
  • Fixed image size in signature to reflect Mineverse and Skyblock - this will no longer take up a large amount of space underneath a member's comment.
  • Snow added on to the forums (thank you matt!)
  • Edited how we appear when people google our forums/server to include the IP and a bit about us. It also includes some useful quick-links to the shop, the rules, the main forums page and recent activity.
  • Added some keywords so that people can find our website more easily.
  • Created YouTuber rank for our content creators who get accepted.
  • Based on user feedback, we have reduced the amount of messages needed to apply for the staff rank on the forums to 35 messages. Please ensure you still meet all other outstanding requirements before applying and that you do not post meaningless comments to boost your post count.
  • Notification broadcast sent out to all forums members about this change.