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    Streamer and YouTuber Expectations & Application Tips

    In this thread I hope to outline the expectations staff have for all Streamer and YouTube rank applicants.
    Any further questions can be forwarded to the social media manager, thank you!
    [Current Media Manager: @Novembree , Novembree#3146]

    Streamer Rank: [Streamer]
    Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 3.46.03 PM.png

    YouTuber Rank: [

    Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 3.46.52 PM.png

    Do not apply until you meet them or your application will be automatically denied.

    • Must have a minimum of 200 followers/subscribers on your respective platform
    • Must have 2 factor authentication enabled on your accounts
    • Must be signed up to the Skywars forums for at least 3 weeks
    • Must be active once a fortnite in-game (once every 2 weeks)
    • Consistently create skywars-related content on our server, emphasizing gameplay, the community, our different game mechanics etc. We expect one video or stream every two weeks, but the content style is entirely up to you! You will not be accepted without any Skywars content on your channel/account.
    • Be active in-game, on our discord and other social media. If promoted, you will have access to our discord channel's #social-media channel which will allow you to promote your streams or recent YouTube uploads!
    • Be accessible and communicate well with the staff team for when we check in with you
    • Communicate with the media manager about when you plan to take break(s) from content creation
    Tips for Applying:
    • Familiarize yourself with the server and game mode before you apply. Spend time playing matches and learning our game mechanics to see what skywars is all about!
    • Let the community know who you are! Introduce yourself on the forums here, join our discord server here, and interact with other players using in-game chat.
    • Feel free to advertise your YouTube channel or Twitch account using in-game chat, as long as it is not spammed and your advertisements are spread out to be every 5 minutes or longer. (Extra tip: use /g so players in matches can see your advertisement too!)
    • When writing your application make it your own! Explain who you are, what type of content you make, or even give examples of the content you are most proud of. Brighten up your application with colours or a banner to catch the eye!
    • Before posting, double check your application has proper spelling and punctuation, and that it is formatted for easy reading.
    • Accept all feedback given (positive or negative) and avoid starting arguments. Use the report function if you believe a post breaks our rules.
    Your Application:
    When applying, you must follow the format below. Failure to do so will result in your application being denied.
    • In-game name:
    • Link to platform channel:
    • Follower/subscriber count:
    • Average views:
    Other application rules that apply;
    • All Skywars-related content on your channel or stream must be your own. While you may collaborate with other creators, you must be the sole owner of your channel and be the creator of your content.
    • Ensure that your application is your own, do NOT copy other player(s) applications. While looking at other applications for inspiration is allowed, direct quotes or copying is not.
    • Do not bump your application too often, we suggest no sooner than every 5 days.
    • Staff must not be tagged in your application.
    • Ratings on applications are not an indication of who will be accepted. This is a reminder that Streamer and YouTube applications are not a contest, so please be respectful to all other applicants. Creating an application does not guarantee you will be accepted.
    Thank you for reading and good luck with your application!

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