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    Apr 16, 2021
    We're sorry to see that you feel the need to create a report on one of our staff members. Please note that you must have attempted to resolve this issue with the staff member in question before creating a report on them in this section. Any false reports to get a moderator removed from the team will result in severe punishment. Please remain respectful to staff during the report, as it may be denied due to improper behaviour.

    • Your in-game name:
    • Staff member's name:
    • Rule broken/reason for report:
    • Outline of events:
    • Evidence to backup claims:
    • Evidence of attempting to resolve the issue:
    • Desired outcome:
    Include any denied appeals or extra links if necessary.

    • Evidence must consist of full, uncropped screenshots that clearly show the reason for this staff report being created. You must not submit any evidence that is older than 2 weeks, and all evidence must be from one of the Skywars platforms: In-game, Forums or Discord.
    • Your full conversation must be shown in the report of you trying to resolve the issue with the staff member. Staff reports are supposed to be a last resort if nothing can be resolved.
    • Your behaviour in this report is important, despite creating a report it is important that you remain polite, respectful and reasonable.
    • If your staff report is denied you cannot create a secondary staff report unless it is on a different situation.
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