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    Aug 26, 2020
    If you have not read our rules that has been designed for the SkyWars server on Minecraft, we recommend that you do so now by clicking here. The forums page is designed to allow all users in this community to chat and communicate with others, as well as to have fun. However, we request that you familiarise yourself with our forum rules to allow for an enjoyable experience for all players. Failure to abide to our rules will lead to punishment and potential permanent removal from the use of our web page. If you know a player is breaking the forum rules you may report the content with the report function, or you can submit a thread in this section here. If you would like to appeal your punishment you may submit one here, you will also be required to make another account with the sole purpose and intention of appealing your punishment - you may not post anywhere outside of your appeal.

    Rating abuse
    All members have access to rate posts of each other, however if you are caught abusing this feature (i.e handing out ratings unnecessarily or without a proper reason will be seen as abuse) or farming ratings you will have your permissions revoked from you.

    Verbal warning -> Removal of perms (week) -> Removal of perms (week)

    You must not use any inappropriate language anywhere on the forums. This includes swearing, regardless if it has been censored or not.

    Verbal warning -> 24 hour mute -> 3 day mute

    Thread derailment
    Members must respect the thread writer's topic and you should not post any off topic comments - meaning you should only post on the thread if it's a meaningful contribution. See post farming.

    Verbal warning -> thread reply ban (3 days) -> 24 hour mute

    At no point should any member post any foreign links, IP addresses or anything that directs users to another server or inappropriate web page.

    Minor server slip: Verbal warning -> 3 day mute
    Standard ad IP: Week ban -> Month ban

    Disrespectful comments/harassment
    All users are requested to be respectful to each and every member of this community, and failure to adhere to this will result in removal. Please treat people the way you would like to be treated. Any form of discrimination or disrespect is not tolerated here.

    3 day mute -> Week ban -> Month ban

    You must not threaten any members of the server, whether this is through blackmailing, DoX, DDoS or death threats. Do not joke about these actions either.

    Minor: 2 week ban
    Severe: Month ban

    Inappropriate visuals/content
    Usernames, profile pictures and signatures must not contain any explicit or inappropriate material, including nudity, offensive language and any form of disrespect/discrimination.

    Verbal warning (ask to take down) -> Week ban

    Personal information
    Please be careful with the information you share over the internet, redistributing someone else's information such as IP addresses, email account and any other private information is strictly prohibited.

    Week ban -> Month ban

    Post farming
    Ensure that all your posts contribute to the thread, and have a purpose rather than just posting for the sake of increasing your post count. You should not reply more than once in a row, unless the period of time between posts is a reasonable amount.

    Verbal warning -> 24 hour mute -> 3 day mute -> Week ban

    If a thread is over a month old you may no longer comment in that thread, however there are exceptions to this rule, one being if you are the thread owner and the other is if it's in the applications, suggestions, help, reports and appeals sections.

    Verbal warning -> 24 hour mute -> 3 day mute

    Punishment evasion
    Do not evade your ban by using another member's forum account or by creating a new account, this is not permitted and may result in your original punishment being extended to a longer period of time.

    Ban for same time length as original (extend if continues)

    Alternate accounts

    No user must create another account on the forums unless it is for the purpose of appealing your punishment as stated above. No player can have an "extra" or "back up" account.

    Ban alternate account, main account: Verbal warning > Week ban

    Common sense
    Finally, please make sure that you use common sense at all times whilst enjoying our platforms. If you see something that doesn't look right, please let your staff team know.

    Thank you for reading the forum rules and adhering to them to ensure all players enjoy their time on the SkyWars Forums. This thread will be updated as we adapt to the future environment, and we will attempt to update you as best as we can.
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